Atlas Counseling Services is committed to providing experienced and compassionate services such as; individual and group counseling services, forensic counseling, substance abuse counseling, psycho-education, consultations, and diversity/multicultural training. Counseling services are based on the philosophical assumption that focusing on the present will help clients to overcome the past and prepare for the future through establishing healthy goals.


Individual Counseling

Work one-on-one with a trained therapist to explore your feelings and behaviors.

Diversity Training

Gain the skills, knowledge, and tools to work in environments with diverse individuals.



Relationship Counseling

Work with a trained therapist to explore manifestations in various relationships in your life.

Substance Abuse

Receive treatment if you are  suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction. Treatment and support is provided to help client's recover from addiction or modify problem behaviors.

Group Counseling

Work with a trained therapist in conjunction with sharing your experience with others that can understand and relate to your concerns.

Forensic Counseling

Are you involved with the legal system or recently released from incarceration and need to complete mandatory treatment? Attend our tailored programming that will help you to satisfy you legal obligations.