Our Therapist

About Dr. Darla Timbo, Psy. D., LPC

Darla Timbo is a doctoral level, license eligible psychologist and licensed professional counselor in the Commonwealth of PA, practicing in Pittsburgh, PA.  Dr. Timbo completed her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at Carlow University. She specializes in an existential and Humanistic centered therapies, multicultural/diversity counseling and training, forensic counseling, and substances abuse counseling. Dr. Timbo is a member of American psychological Association, as well as other organizations.  She is featured on PsychologyToday.com as an area therapist.

Dr. Timbo opened private practice in 2011. Centrally located in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh, the practice is easily accessible to residents of the city. Her pleasant demeanor, strict confidentiality, and unique insight provide client's with confidence when coming in for treatment. 

Today’s hectic world often leaves us so busy and distracted that we tend to lose sight of what is most important, while working from an Existential Humanistic theoretical base, I assist clients with developing authentic and genuine relationships and exploring issues that are causing distress in their lives."